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It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a storm (it’s waterproof)…
Or if it ends up flying out of your hands and into the lake (it floats)…
Or if you stuff it down the side of your pack (it’s tear-resistant)…
It just works.

But that's just the beginning.

It's going to make your trips better.

Ice cold springs for a hot summer’s day, secret unofficial routes and portages that can offer handy shortcuts and open up new lakes and rivers, fish species information for each lake.

Just imagine the adventures you'll have on your next trip!

I know first hand how thoroughly dedicated Jeffrey is to making his map as accurate as humanly possible, including his personal commitment to travel and chart as much of that landscape as one man can in a lifetime.

– Mark Scarlett, Algonquin Canoeist of 52 Years

Algonquin’s a big place. So big in fact, that I had to divide the park up into 4 different sections.

“Wait, so I need to buy multiple maps for my trip!?”

Probably not.

In laying them out I wanted to make them as zoomed in and detailed as possible while specifically trying to make sure that you’d only need a single map for most trips, even trips that are a couple of weeks in length. It was tough, and as always there are exceptions, but that should be true 9 times out of 10.

“Okay, but which section should I choose?”

  • If you already know where you’re headed, pick the map that best covers your area of interest. One of the really nice things with having so much overlap between the sections is that while a given route might only be partially covered by one map, it’s probably completely covered by it’s neighbour.

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    If you don’t yet have a particular destination in mind…

    There’s no right answer – really any of the maps will give you a bunch of great trip options – but the biggest thing to think about is where you’re coming from. Unless you’re okay with a 6-7 hour drive, you probably don’t want to head over to the east side of the park from Toronto or other points in southwestern Ontario. Similarly, if you’re coming from Ottawa you can spend 3-4 hours driving to the east side of the park, or upwards of 6 hours to get to the extreme western or southern sides of the park (pretty much everyone is in range of the centre).

    Aside from driving distance, the biggest factor to consider is how remote you want to be. While each map has some access points that are on the busier side and others that are on the less busy side, in general the further north you go, the more remote the access points are.

    When in doubt you should pick:

    Western, Southern, or Central
    if you’re coming from Toronto or southwestern Ontario

    Eastern or Central
    if you’re coming from the Ottawa area

  • If you’re okay with lugging your kayak in between lakes, then just take a look at my advice for canoeists.

    If not, but you’re just looking to go on a short trip (i.e. a trip involving no more than a couple of days of travelling,) you can check out my Central Algonquin map for a couple of options, all of which allow you to paddle directly from your car to your campsites.

    If a longer portage-free trip is in the cards, then you ought to be considering Georgian Bay (see my Killarney & the Georgian Bay Coast map).

  • Algonquin Park features 3 different backpacking trails spread out across the width of the park:

    The Western Uplands Trail features a number of loops from 33km to 90km in length. While it’s possible to go on a trip that’s only a couple of days long, that’ll mean backtracking over the same stretch of trail you walked in on. It’ll probably take about 3 hours to drive here from the Toronto area, or just over 4 hours from Ottawa – you'll need the Western map for this trail

    The Highland Trail features loops from 18km to 35km in length, suitable for trips from a few days to just under a week. It’ll probably take about 3.5 hours to drive here from both Toronto & area as well as from Ottawa – the Western, Central and Southern maps each completely cover this trail

    The Eastern Pines Trail features loops from 9km to 20km in length, suitable for trips of up to a few days. It’ll probably take almost 7 hours to drive here from the Toronto area, but only about 3.5 hours from Ottawa – you’ll need the Eastern Algonquin map for this trail